• Mercy Hospital
  • Integris SW
  • Baptist Integris
  • Yukon Integris  
  • Edmond Integris
  • Integris Cancer Institute of Oklahoma
  • Lakeside Women's Hospital
  • Stephenson Cancer Institute
  • Oklahoma City Veterans Hospital
  •  OU Children's Hospital
  • Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital

Children With Special Needs

Children with a variety of special needs enjoy the benefits a pet relationship can offer.  Educational or social activities are individualized in order to meet each child's needs. Public school classrooms, The Children's Center, and specific disability support groups are just a few of the programs H.A.L.O. volunteers may find their niche in the world of animal assisted therapy and activities.

Youth and Family Services and Department of Human Services

Our teams make scheduled visits under supervision to provide health and wellness. Exercises can be incorporated into sessions which promote internal growth, as children often buy into everything external to satisfy the need to belong. Community events and scheduled affairs are a favorite for H.A.L.O. teams. Our aim is to demonstrate with our pet partners that there are always ways to better one's quality of life, even under uncomfortable circumstances. During one brief visit, youth of all ages have the chance to be effective "Junior Handlers" with the responsibility of exercising a loving, obedient, and disciplined animal. 


Will Rogers World Airport Terminal-Comfort and Relief Therapy for Travelers

Mental Health Services

Professionals in this field may bring their qualified therapeutic pet to work as a valuable resource to clients. Sometimes it can be less difficult to discuss with a pet those issues which keep us from functioning in this society. Our pets certainly have the ability to open doors which have been locked tightly and guarded. H.A.L.O. guidelines have been drafted for this area to insure professionalism, confidentiality, and safety for all.


  • Epworth Villa
  • Grace Living Centers
  • Concordia
  • Spanish Cove
  • Touchmark Asisisted Living
  • Sunset Nursing Center
  • St. Katherine's 
  • Gran Gran's
  • Ranchwood Nursing Center
  • Bellevue
  • St. Ann's
  • Fountain Brook Assisted Living
  • Rambling Courtyards Assisted Living
  • Manchester Home
  • Tealridge Assisted Living
  • Emeritus at Quail Creek
  • & many more!​


Serving Our Hospitals

Not one of us enters a hospital as a patient without anticipation, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. We feel we have been yanked out of our element and are totally at the mercy of the professionals. It makes no difference if we're in the ER for a hopeful quick fix, or have been admitted for an extended stay. When a pet visits, we find ourselves receiving the perfect comfort from an objective source. A visiting team is given a list of those patients who have the need to hold, pet, or talk to an animal who listens, and does not come in with a worried face or false optimism. For the length of the visit, we are free to feel all emotions. An animal accepts us and loves us, regardless of what we are facing. They allow us a welcome distraction. They free us to take a hard look at our reality, and assure us we are not alone. Our visiting pets are just as much a source of comfort and relief for family members and staff as well. 

Serving Our Elderly

Our seniors have so much to offer, yet as the aging process continues, many find themselves out of their homes, sharing space with strangers, and wonder about the purpose of their existence. Often a visiting team handler will hear, "I used to teach piano or sing at church, but I can't anymore." The need to feel wanted and needed grows with age. Often, our elderly withdraw because they do not want to be a bother to family members or friends. To a visiting pet, there is nothing useless about gentle grooming or a warm lap to snuggle in.  Our loved ones may ask, "Who would want to be with me?" Our pets always do. The interaction is specific to the two, the human and pet. It's magical when our pets bring about spontaneous laughter and delight.

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Church Outreach Programs

Many teams have found their place in H.A.L.O. through specific outreach programs. Those who may not be able to leave their homes safely miss that feeling of being connected to a faith family. A visiting team can bridge that need. Respite care, cancer support, Sunday School programs, and Vacation Bible School are just a few of the ministries our volunteers may choose from to promote the church family.

Hospice Services

As one transitions to the need for hospice services, the team is present as often as possible. We strive to share personal stages of living, and often provide comfort and acceptance to family members.

Pets in Our Libraries

Our teams are welcomed in the Metro libraries, as children and even teens take the opportunity to practice their reading skills with a non-judgmental pet. Our pets listen attentively to the sound of the reader's voice, offering encouragement and sharing the love for the written word. How enjoyable it is to see parents reading with their children to our dogs, or little ones making up the most incredible stories to entertain their very own pet audience!

Pets in the Schools

Teams visiting public or private schools work together with staff in order to set goals. Students are given the opportunity to learn how to establish appropriate boundaries, to set achievable goals, and to understand the need to control impulsive and compulsive behaviors. Our youth can often remain focused on a set of directions and complete them with the pet partner's leash in hand. Our teams may also assist in media centers, act as a motivational tool in classrooms or special education resource rooms. Assistance in speech therapy is incredible. Physical therapy and occupational therapy is much more motivating with a pet assisting. It is amazing to watch a student improve in all areas with the appropriate pet partner at his side.

Veterans and Family Members

Veteran services are given high priority. Teams make regular visits in order to share and provide comfort and encouragement as they sit at the side of men and women who have served or are awaiting deployment. H.A.L.O. is also involved in the grief and healing process with family members of fallen soldiers.


  • The Military Welcome Center
  • Oklahoma City Veteran's Hospital
  • The Veteran's Zone-OU Campus


  • Bishop Angie Smith, OCU Campus
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church​

Human Animal Link of Oklahoma Foundation

Animal Assisted Therapy & Activities​​ 


  • Youth and Family Services
  • Mary  Abbott Children's House
  • Sunbeam Services
  • The Family TREE


  • Russell Murray Hospice
  • Good Shepherd Hospice
  • Mercy Hospice
  • Crossroads Hospice
  • Sol Amor Hospice
  • ​Epworth at Home


  • Edmond Library
  • Mustang Library
  • Mabel Fry Library
  • The Village Library
  • Belle Isle Library
  • Southern Oaks Library
  • Capitol Hill Library
  • ​Norman Library
  • Piedmont Library
  • Warr Acres Library
  • Bethany Library
  • The Northwest Library


  • Putnam City Schools
  • Yukon Public Schools
  • Piedmont Public Schools
  • ​Deer Creek Schools
  • Edmond Public Schools
  • Casady
  • Oakdale Schools
  • Sisu Youth Services
  • Heritage Hall
  •  Westminster
  • ​University of Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma City Public Schools
  • The Children's Center 
  • University of Central Oklahoma  
  • Southern Nazarene University
  • ​The CARE Center
  • Pivot Youth Services