1. Team Handlers must be mindful of the fact that they are their pet partner’s sole advocate, and must be attentive to them at all times while visiting. This includes private visits as well as community events.
  2. H.A.L.O. volunteers may be a part of a community event or visits with members of other animal assisted therapy organizations, however, should H.AL.O. volunteers feel uncomfortable with the standards of AAA or AAT demonstrated by our group or another, you must excuse yourself from all potentially hazardous situations and notify the director, officers, or board members immediately.
  3. Teams are required a minimum of one visit monthly. Each visit must be documented and sent to Marcia Bowermon at wooferdog@outlook.com to be kept on file. Failure to make visits warrants dismissal, however, each case will be evaluated by the Board of Directors and acted upon accordingly.
  4. Teams must be qualified before visits begin. At least one obedience class and the Canine Good Citizen award is strongly recommended. This is not a requirement prior to the evaluation. At least one post-qualifying visit with a Board member or a Mentor to an agreed upon facility is necessary for guidance. Qualified teams will be re-evaluated annually to insure the credibility of the team. Teams may be waived from attending the annual re-evaluation with a letter of recommendation from the Board of Directors and each partner facility.
  5. Pets must have completed all required vaccinations.  A current record must be on file each year of membership. Failure to comply would warrant an immediate dismissal. Veterinarian records are tracked by Marcia Bowermon at wooferdog@outlook.com, and must be sent directly to her each year. Handlers must present a copy of the general liability insurance statement and current veterinarian records to each facility visited as well as the Certificate of Credibility issued at the time of qualification.
  6. All working dogs, regardless of the level of obedience and experience, must be on lead at all times by Handler unless involved in an approved activity. This is common sense, and should be strictly enforced. Regulation leashes and collars must be used. No retractable leashes are permitted. Handlers must use good judgement in choosing fashion wear, remembering the dog represents the animal assisted therapy industry. Holiday or special event “costumes” must be chosen with the best of taste.
  7. Dues are $50.00 yearly for each team qualified. Each additional pet per family certified will pay dues of $25.00. All teams are insured for professional liability up to 1,000,000 with a $500.00 deductible. Because dedication to visits and on-going training is necessary for therapy dogs, no more than two pets per family can be qualified.  Should a volunteer be in good standing from the day of the first certification, be active within the organization, and  have a quorum vote from the Board of Directors and a vote of confidence and assurance from each of the team’s  partnering facilities, this rule of two animals per family may be waived.
  8. Every Handler must have on their person the required personal photo ID badge, optional magnetic ID badge, and pets must be easily recognized by H.A.L.O. service vests or scarves. Vests may be removed for a brief period of time for a full body touch, but working dogs must enter and leave each facility in H.A.L.O. wear. Handlers may not write on vests with markers, and only approved patches may be placed on the vest. Should a vest be lost or damaged, replacement cost is $30.00 payable to H.A.L.O.
  9. Pets are issued vests upon qualification. These are on loan while membership is active, and must be returned upon dismissal or retirement. 
  10. Each facility will have rules and regulations which are to be strictly enforced by each team.
  11. One pet per Handler is allowed on each visit. Only the qualified Handler may lead the pet through the visit.
  12. A pet is never allowed to visit while in season.
  13. If a pet shows signs of aggression or anxiety toward another person or pet, visits must cease immediately. Each incident is reviewed by the Board and a vote taken before the membership is revoked.
  14. Handlers must be prepared to clean up after their pets. This duty should never be asked of a staff member.
  15. Pets on duty are not allowed to jump on laps or furniture unless invited by the staff present at the time of the visit. This can occur only with a protective covering underneath the pet and a facility employee present. A family member may not make this decision.
  16. Qualified teams must not make visits if Handler or pet is ill, or if personal issues keep the team from being at its best. Team Handlers must be empathetic and compassionate toward each visitor, but must remember to not discuss personal health matters of their own.
  17. Pets one year of age may be qualified as long as the required vaccinations have been given, the assessment/qualification process is complete, and the animal has lived as a member of the family, inside the home, for at least one year.
  18. Junior Handlers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on each visit until the age of eighteen. They, as well as their parent or guardian, will be identified by an ID badge. The Senior Handler must always be directly at the side of the Junior Handler and have absolute control over the animal. Junior Handlers at the age of eighteen will be evaluated separately from the parent for full rights
  19. All volunteers must sign a facility HIPAA statement to be kept on file.
  20. Handlers should make every effort to have a staff member of the facility present when the visit is taking place. Emergency procedures should always be reviewed in case of a disaster.
  21. Teams wishing to participate in public community events must be a participant in at least one group in-service prior to the event.
  22. Failure to abide by these rules and regulations will be brought to the Board, and action will be taken not to exclude dismissal.
  23. No additional pets may be a part of any H.A.L.O. event.  All pets participating in events or service must be H.A.L.O. qualified. 
  24. Teams must make every effort to follow H.A.L.O. media protocol. Members should contact H.A.L.O. Board of Directors for approval prior to media coverage.


Human Animal Link of Oklahoma (H.A.L.O.) will protect the privacy of those we serve and visit with respect to photographs, photography by cell phones or other electronic/media devices, videotapes, and/or audio tape recording (hereinafter referred to collectively as “photographs”).   In furtherance of this policy, the following guidelines are adopted:

  1. H.A.L.O. volunteer therapeutic teams may not take photographs of patients, staff, teachers, students or other persons during a visit.
  2. Staff, family members, or those receiving the visit may photograph the visiting team, if the handler consents. These individuals mentioned must use their personal phones.
  3. H.A.L.O. handlers are not required to be in photos, video and/or audio recordings or to permit their dogs to be photographed.
  4. H.A.L.O. handlers may photograph themselves and their dogs during visits and at facilities provided no other person is depicted in the photograph.  Handlers may share such photographs in any manner they choose, including, but not limited to social media.  However, handlers are responsible for insuring that any such photographs comply with the applicable policies of the facilities they are visiting.
  5. If staff, family members, or those receiving the visit choose to take photographs of the H.A.L.O. team and share that photograph with the handler, such as through social media, the handler may then share that photograph.

Statement of Clarification

Any exception, waiver, modification, or addition to the standing rules and regulations of Human Animal Link of Oklahoma must first have the approval of the Board of Directors.  The final authority of any interpretation of the organization's standing rules and regulations lies with the Board of Directors.



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