"Lifting Hearts, and Touching Souls"
501c3, 170b Charitable Foundation

Human Animal Link of Oklahoma speaks to the fact that animals and humans do form relationships of great worth and benefit to both. A non-judgmental force, our pets, can best calm most emotional and physical challenges we might experience. They are quiet in voice, but speak with strength and comfort by presence alone. They are incapable of making false promises as to our welfare. They are forever listening even though we may not make much sense. They offer moments of simple joy and peace, reaching into minds and hearts to communicate with people who just may have shut out the human factor. How quickly they forget our shortcomings and focus on our greatest strengths.

You just can't lose with that kind of relationship! 

 Zephyr takes a quick moment from patient rehabilitation
 sessions to give of herself to therapists at Jim Thorpe Southwest.

              Terri Smith and Shana, authors and facilitators of the D.A.R.E.
(Delay, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate) program, guide these students through
exercises designed to teach establishing safe boundaries, setting  
                 attainable goals, and focusing on tasks through to completion.

Jim Clark and Barney join H.A.L.O. teams to serve staff, volunteers, and most importantly 
victims of the recent devastating May tornado.  



 "A Girl Named Charley" with Handler Jerry began visiting in the hospital setting years ago, yet never tire 
of experiencing the gift of interaction with those in need of a furry friend. Hours of compassionate work doesn't bring 
 monetary benefits, yet we are paid by unexpected and unmeasurable miracles.  

This young man and "his" dog, Buster, meet not just to share a good book, but to solve
the problems of the world together.  Compassion and empathy are ever present in the soul of
H.A.L.O. companion pets.


Zorro, with Handler Renee
standing proudly at his side, is shown after completing all requirements qualifying him for community event participation.  H.A.L.O. dogs must demonstrate excellence in temperament, disposition, and obedience not only in their chosen workplace, but often are called to educate the public as to the benefits
of animal assisted therapy and activities


Zeke, with Handler Marcia, are
always a delight wherever they visit, whether it be the Choctaw Library where he is a patient and encouraging reading partner, or a loving part of
the end of life experience as a hospice volunteer


XJ and her Handler, Beverly, are thankful to have the opportunity to act as 
welcoming ambassadors to our troops coming through
The Military Welcome Center.

Skyview Elementary is proud to have on staff facility dog, Lulu. Together with Handler Becky, she works to diffuse the most stressful of situations. Staff and students benefit from the many ways this Basset seems to know just how to make each day a little less stressful with her perfect form of care and motivation!

Stacy, on staff at Mercy main, congratulates Keith and Daisy as they receive their 500 hour pin at the Mercy Hospital Volunteer Recognition Luncheon. Daisy makes rounds on a regular basis, providing everything sweet and necessary to aid  patients and families, staff and visitors during their stay.


Handler Claire and Teesha are a welcome sight at Yukon's annual "Festival of the Child." Teesha's gentle nature assures children of all ages that she will provide a sense of relief and grace, when and exactly as needed!

The heart
       that gives-        gathers.

         -Marianne Moore